A rift between the 001 boys and Mgahawani emerges. This time it’s becoming a valley.

You might be wondering who these people are! Yes, the famous 001 boys have been in the limelight recently for allegedly blocking other artists from accessing some golden help from the Mombasa County governor, Joho.

The crew went ahead to form a firm partnership with the governor something that made some few individuals erupt in dissatisfaction.

Mgahawani is a blogging site managed and run by the famous controversial blogger, Madebe who has settled in Mombasa less than half a year since his coming back.

His coming back to the coastal industry raised some eyebrows as many know him as a no-nonsense blogger. Ever since his coming much have been put to flight and many issues put into place. The recent being a letter to the governor to give equal rights to the Mombasa based artists. He highlighted on the roles the 001 boys play in the industry and the type of dislikes that as ‘prosecutor’ to the many unspoken voices.

Narrowing down, it’s clear Susumila and Madebe ain’t dining anymore. This was experienced earlier today when the ‘Siasa Duni’ artist called the blogger a nasty and calling name that came as a surprise to many. See the screenshot here.

Replying to the above rift, Madebe went ahead to crack a joke on the same but the discussion that came after was weight lifting. It got personal to a point where families were included. See how Ruth, who is Susumila’s wife came into it.

The act was again diverted when the ‘Kila Mtu’ hitmaker came out clear to clarify on what he meant but alas it was already late as the matter in the topic was already trending on the mischief side of the world.

To conclude, what do you think should be done to bring back peace to the entire industry? Should the governor split the partnership or are there some few misfits who were never included in packaging the cake?

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