Baada ya Msanii Jaffaryzo kuihama ATL, sasa Msanii Akeelah aiaga record label hio na Shirko Media kwa ujumla. Je kunani?! Sababu hizi hapa – Sunset Kenya

Being the only recording label in Mombasa, ATL in conjunction with Shirko media manages and records young talented artists. It has managed to sprout talents such as Ally Mahaba, Sai Kenya, Akeelah, and Jaffaryzo.

All being recorded at Shirko Media, Jaffaryzo left the recording label under unclear circumstances which both the management and the artist never put the reasons behind it to light. Fewer months later, the sing bird Akeelah has dumped the recording label too, this time the management has tried to clean their ‘white sheets’ and state their reasons in a long post:

Seems stressed, Akeelah has lost all her previous work and her you tube channel has been pulled down. This has come as a surprise since Akeelah was doing great under the label and what befall the two parties is frightening.

To break the silence, the recording artist had to share this in one particular whatsapp group:

Our team is working towards reaching the two parties for more information but in the meantime, we wish Akeelah and ATL Music all the best in the future.

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