The welcome of Diana, the wife of the EMB records C.E.O Bahati has brought more harm than good to the ‘family’. The beloved Eastlando Recording label was enjoying the peanut as they were living and relating like a family before all love was lost with the welcome of the over aged woman.

Recently, Bahati was separated from Mr. Seed, his long time friend by Diana. Now, David Wonder has silently left the recording label. He has followed Mr. Seed who is said to be in the verge of opening a new recording label.

What is happening at the EMB Records? Will Bahati stomach loosing his friends who as per now he doesnt even pick a call from them. Speaking recently, David Wonder confirmed that Bahati does not even reply to sms.

Has Diana turned to be a monster? Is Bahati being mis-advised by his sweetheart?

What can you say about it? Leave a comment below.

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