Gates hana uwezo wa kubania mtu, says producer Amz.

The long ever coastal heated debate that arose some emotions of many artists and other stakeholders has now been put to rest by the legend producer.

In the recent interview that was run by Machamapali, producer Amz discussed about the alleged allegations that were planted on the all time celebrated radio presenter Gates Mgenge Grandson popularly known as Eric Mgenge for being a hindrance in the development of coastal showbiz that its pure hatred and jealousy of developments. “Gates hana uwezo wa kubania mtu yoyote. Kama huchezwi kwa station hii mbona usichezwe kwa station ile ama ile? Coast kuna stations ngapi ukiangalia, more than 6. Mbona ulalamikie station moja?” Said Producer Amz.

You can follow up the whole interview here.

In other news, the interview has covered about Nyota Ndogo. Watch Listen and share.

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