Gentlemen, Did You Know the Qualities of a Real Girlfriend? – Sunset Kenya

1-A real girlfriend calls her boyfriend atleast once in a day.

2-A real girlfriend is not afraid to accept when her boyfriend wants to kiss her in public.

3-A real girlfriend says sorry anytime she realise her mistakes.

4-A real girlfriend keeps smile on her boyfriend’s face…. she never wants her boy to feel sad or lonely.

5-A real girlfriend never pressures her boyfriend for sex.

6-A real girlfriend doesn’t care even if her boyfriend checks her phone… she has nothing to hide.

7-A real girlfriend doesn’t cheat on her boyfriend no matter what.

8- A real girlfriend doesn’t complain that her boyfriend doesn’t give her enough money so that her boyfriend will have something left with him.

10- A real girlfriend reminds other boys that she loves only one boy.

11- A real girlfriend respects herself and she also give respect to her boyfriend in all means.

12- A real girlfriend plans for the future with his boyfriend in it.

13-A real girlfriend says I love you during an argument with her boyfriend.

14- A real girlfriend accept anything her boy offers her cheap or expensive.

15- A real girlfriend let’s her parents know about the boy she loves.

16- A real girlfriend put God first in everything she does.

17- A real girlfriend knows her worth and know the time to walk away if a boy is abusing her.

18- A real girlfriend supports his man’s dreams and plans.

IS THIS True or False?

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