Guyo vows to impeach Governor Sonko.

The majority leader of the Nairobi County Assembly Abdi Guyo vows on a national Tv, Ktn that he will lead the impeachment of the Nairobi governor.

The two fall out after Guyo led the county assembly to impeach the speaker Beatrice Elachi sometimes last year. Their beef was escalated by the return of the county speaker to the office this year. On her arrival, some disputes rose to lead to riots that forced the forces to use tear gas to disperse the rowdy Mcas.

Rowdy youths engaged in the matter and they were believed to have been attached by the majority leader, Guyo.

In an interview, Guyo emphasized the matter of why Governor Sonko is running the city without a deputy and relocating the office to Mua, home of the governor. Another thing enlightened by Abdi is why there are few CEOs compared to the chunks of workload underlying in the city. He touched on the privatizing the revenue collection where he sited some lowest collection compared to the prior, something he (Guyo) termed it as “system ya majambazi”

When asked whether he can engineer the impeachment of the governor, Abdi Guyo said definitely he will but now he is giving the authority i.e EACC, DCI and the rest to deal with him first before he takes the bull by the hones to jail.

Will the majority leader dream of impeaching the governor to see the light of day? Leave your comment in the comment box.

Source: Ktn News.

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