Dancehall Artist Redsan

The kingpin fight continues. Wondering who holds the dancehall crown! Being there many dancehall artists doing their best in Kenya, the fear of loosing has struck the all time dancehall singer, Redsan. This time he mad it clear and attached the kingpin crown to himself.

Redsan has been in the industry for long. He has had his share of the cake both inside and outside Kenya. He has had both local and international collabos but what worries most is he never mentored anyone to follow his footsteps. If he had then they are not successful just like many would expect.
With the rise of Frankie Dee the new cat in the game has given Redsan some goose bumps. Some sleepless nights and full of fear of loosing. But to me has already lost it to the now celebrated dancehall master from Mombasa. Frankiedee has given all and the most recently being ready to uplift some other uprising artist who would work together to ensure the dancehall music soars to international levels, something that Redi kept it to himself.
Now who owns the crown?

Frankie Dee Dancehall Artist.
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