Is Technology moving too fast? Motherless births introduced as Artificial wombs unveiled – Sunset Kenya

With the introduction of 5G, Artificial Insemination has taken a notch higher. Scientists are burning the midnight oil spending nights in the Labs and the outcome has caught the world unprepared.

Less than a year when scientists in the Netherlands reported an idea of Artificial Wombs, that could come into practice in 10 years’ time, it has been reduced to months. The developments of the artificial wombs have raised ethical issues about future baby-making as social life will be violated. Where are the future of human beings and the social life that they are used to? Such and many questions arise since the inception of the idea.

The whole idea might recieve negativity in the society, but again, its a the better option for some, like the socialites who are stressed by the whole pregnancy issue.

If introduced in our hospitals, will you buy the idea? What is your take on the same? Leave your comment down on the comment box.

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