Its no longer a speculation, they are one | Mamito clears the air on seeing Butita | Watoto wataaje

What God unites no man can put asunder, that is what the saying goes. Yes, the speculation is too way old, dated back in 2017 where the two comedians were into each other. This was fabricated by the frequent pictures shared in the social media.

The recent one, brought the rumor to rest as Mamito’s caption set the internet on fire. “Back when it was legal to be outside Eddie Butita,” was the caption accompanied by a self explanatory picture.

Fellow comedians did not haste engulfing her timeline with different messages and jokes as well. The likes of Mulamwah, Teacher Wanjiku and many more were present to congratulate them.

All the best to the couples, bora isiwe ni jokes manake, usisahau ni Comedians hawa.

We understand its hard times as the deadly Covid-19 is down here with us. Sanitize, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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