Governor Ali Hassan Joho addressing the public at kwa njenga

The spark is now shifting new gears. After the 4 Jubilee leaders refused to publicly apologize to the Sultan, now the Mombasa governor has taken the fight further, this time accusing the deputy for the craft.

The four leaders rather went ahead to ask the governor to be the one to ask for forgiveness from the members of the public especially those in Mombasa and its environs.

The drug menace comes after the international board, interpol risked the act of arresting Joho linking him with the illegal business. Joho instead, through his lawyers, he wrote to the international organization seeking some clarification on the same.

Speaking to the public, Joho addressed and said he cant engage exchange of words to the four as he is crystal clear they are just messengers and he would like to dare the sender to face him instead.

The fight between the DP and the Mombasa governor has been experienced over years but now with the 2022 politics ticking, the showdown is yet to gain momentum with the two eyeing the Kenya most high seat.

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