Killing Talent and Life in Churchill, Victor Ber – Sunset Kenya

Victor Ber, unknown to many, but he is a very popular figure in the comedy industry especially to Churchill show stand up comedians.
He is the creative director at Churchill Show. His role is to sieve and make sure that the best comedians get the chance to crack ribs of revelers.
In his work, according to comedians, he has been ruthless and a dream killer. In a long post on his Facebook page, Zeddy Comedian describes how Victor Ber is the reason some upcoming comedians die of depression with the way he handles them.
She wrote:

Victor Ber is the husband to one Teacher Wanjiku who also turns out to be a comedian under the Churchill umbrella.

After the Zeddy’s post, many comedians who are victim came out guns blazing and blamed Ber for who they are now.

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