Ktn’s Ben Kitili separates with his Somali Bae – Sunset Kenya

In what looked like paradise on earth has turned to be torn in hell. After being disowned by the Muslim community, Amina threw a cold towel on religious issues and went ahead to marry the love of her life, Ben Kitili who is a committed Christian.

The bootylicious lady of Somali origin surprised many when she left the “Buibui” home to walk her spontaneous curvy body out in the public. This irritated the Muslim community and who disowned her for being ‘chick and stupid’ as they termed it.

The two wedded on November, 2018 and since then, they were blessed with two amazing kids, Ruby Iman Nzembe Kitili and Roman Hami Kitili.

There separation has come out as a surprise to many as Amina broke the sad News on her instagram page stating and I quote;

“Ben and I are currently separated. I do not know what the future holds for us but I am grateful for the memories and the beautiful kids we made. It has been one month of pain and Tears.”

Amina Mude revealed that the decision was agreed by the couple and they decided to call it off after the month of tears and pain. She has deleted Ben’s photos from her social media and she is ready to start her new chapter.

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