Alois Mwangi (Right) with comrades at the Makupa Police Station

What do you do when you find out that your woman is making it out with another man? How is the feeling, what about the reaction?! Do you walk out and seek for some time out for yourself or you confront and ask about the same?

Do you take a break from the relationship so that you evaluate yourself! Does married couple also find themselves in such a mess? If yes what do they do?

It struck the nation with a surprise to learn that some Campus students from the coast, Technical University of Mombasa, TUM were caught on camera humiliating one another over a girlfriend. Alois Mwangi, the student allegedly have kissed someone girlfriend was on the receiving end brutally intimidated by Chinga and Cedric, fellow TUM comrades.

Since then, Alois has made a statement to the police and investigations are on.

The video is up in YOUTUBE, just click the link and see how merciless Alois was handled by the bullies.

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