On his arrival on Friday, Mbosso was overwhelmed by the act Kenyans did to him. The reception, according to the Tanzanian singer was out of this world.

He was flooded with masses of people who were happy seeing him and many forced through the thin air to capture some moments in their phones with the “Hodari” hitmaker.

During his roadshow to pronounce his presence in Lamu, the sceneries were promising and it hit him that indeed love existed in the Lamu town.

The annual Lamu cultural event this year was graced by the Tanzania love song singer and as expected by many, it was to be a success and one event to remember. The singer was frustrated when he came on stage prepared only to learn the sound system was one below per. During the stage inspection, he asked the management to find another system but they instead told the singer they don’t have any other cash. The bongofleva singer pocketed Kshs. 1.4 Million from the organizers. This pushed him to struggle to deliver to a breath-taking crowd that had turned out for his outwits. Watch Mbosso performing Live at Lamu HERE:

Mbosso Live in Lamu |Murred with poor sound system |The Tanzania singer gets frustrated.

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