Mount Kenya University website hacked. Student details on the loose – Sunset Kenya

Hackers have found the vulnerability in the campus website and utilized it effectively. Students details are shared and leaked in hackers forum for both current and past students.

The hacking has been conducted and carried out alongside some other Universities in Nigeria. Its reported that 3 years down the line some expert, Touseef Gul noticed the permeable entry into the campuses websites and warned them of the same but only few Universities took precautions, but for Mount Kenya University never bothered and it has hardly hit by the hackers.

“The loopholes were easier to find on these websites,” says Gul. “All I need to do is type on my browser along some other few characters and i discover the bugs,” he added.

Over 200,000 Mount Kenya Student’s details have been leaked and share widely and that contains names, addresses and phone numbers which all together makes the individuals susceptible to online attacks.

The University has since not responded to the attacks and ironically they are the front liners who conduct e-learning services.

#SOURCE: Nairobi Exposed.

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