Nonini, Jalang’o, Billy Miya and celebrities who have become Vloggers – Sunset Kenya

In a world where it is all about seeing an opportunity and seizing the moment, our Kenyan entertainment celebs have not been left behind at all. Youtube is the big craze sweeping across the country, stories have been told of how guys are minting generous incomes from social media. Youtuber is the buzzword around town nowadays. Arm yourself with a following of several thousands of subscribers or even millions of admirers and you are good to go. With a creative mind, you come up with captivating content trust you me; you will be laughing your way to the bank. That’s precisely why our celebs like Nonini, Billy Miya, and Jalang’o have not been left behind in this whole new world of YouTubing.

Youtubing calls for consistency and relevance of content uploaded to ensure that you engage your followers fully so that you can reap the dividends of your art.

A Youtuber can earn some income either through working with known brands. Like promoting, marketing, or advertising products or services of companies at a fee. Either way, a Youtuber can also get that extra cash through some form of e-commerce platform.

Now that many of our celebs have clothing lines, they can put them up on youtube and do business with their followers. Opportunities out there countless it’s all about one’s creativity, finding your niche market and you will be good to go.

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