I want to start by saying, ‘I am not a hater’ of MacDonald Mariga but allow me to address this.
Mariga has been known for his wits and Knowles in football. He got a chance to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world.
He has scored goals and earned himself lots of merit through football.
Since his roots, all trace back to Kibra where he started nurturing his talent amongst other great players, Mariga outwitted them all and become one of the few Kenyans to hold the Kenyan Flag into international standards.
During his time as a player, Mariga never had the opportunity to nurture other talents until he retired from football.
He was not seen anywhere close to a playing field other than the “Karibu Betin” holocaust.
Yesterday we saw Mariga ready to clear the areas and registration fees for 27 teams in Kibra. Have the teams developed some financial instabilities just yesterday? Where was he all that time till now he is up for something, all of a sudden he is ready to clear debts and registration fees! Stupid, right?!

Mariga struggling to answer questions from journalists.
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