Sisi bado madereva nyinyi mtabaki wasafiri. Game inavyochange. Cartels uproar.

The wave of #PlayKe carried with it some new damn in Mombasa. Rumors has it that there are few individuals who control the industry at the coastal line. They decide who to play, what kind of music to listen and who deserves the ‘golden’ hand of the Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The said governor has been dragged into this mess due to his constantly seen with the said individuals either at a restaurant or even at his own home. The big question that brought the uproar of artists and other state holders was, what might they be discussing that is not cooking to everyone? The lack of answers has prompted many to express their cry through the social media.

The cartels has been said to deny the governor chances of ‘helping’ other artists and they have been branded as the ‘the 4 con artists’ which to me it remains to be allegations as no one has presented any proof of the ongoing rumor. Who heard any of them saying or telling the governor? Or has the governor confessed to anyone that he was asked not to? Or is their friendship to the sultan that makes it bitter to some of us?! Has anyone been denied befriending the Governor? Ply your trade well stop the defamation menace.

I quote this Binamu once said, ‘Umuhimu si kuzungumziwa, fanya mziki mzuri’. There you go, choose what best for you, but once you realize the king on the chessboard is not moving, plan your moves well.

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