Its a big blow to the Tanzania man scans detected more than a kilogram of methamphetamine inside his stomach at Bali Airport, Indonesia.

Abdul Rahman Asman was nabbed and detained since January 30th 2019 where he was taking the substance has not been revealed up to date as the Bali government is still investigating the act.

Its well known that Indonesia is the country that has strict rules when comes to drug trafficking as one can end up being hanged or being fired on by the ant drug officers. The Indonesia government has more than once punished the smugglers to death by hanging as recently experienced with the trio Nigerians who went through the slot. Taken before the press in an orange jump suit alongside many offenders of his equal, Abdul Rahman had nothing to say to the public he rather kept quiet and was taken back to detention.

If convicted, Abdul may face a 15 year imprisonment.

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