It seems politics have hit the G spot of Kilifi County. Political differences have pushed some to the wall. It has now been realized that some of the trending issues happening in Kilifi are stage managed. Political allies turning against each other. Could this mean the end of the good times once experienced?

The recently Mangororo Primary School issue at Ganze constituency is believed to have some politics politicking in it. Followed keenly, this was what has been identified. All set and executed as planned.

This is how it started….We all know when it rains it pours and the status of our Primary school in part of Ganze are world class so any NGO or politician who wants to settle some issues he/she can do it at any given time.

Part A.
Teddy host Sifuna in Coast and after some outings they found themselves in Jilore.
A fight between Sifuna and Aisha took Center stage.

Part B.
Aisha tells Teddy at the funeral of Mbeyu’s father to concentrate with ganze developments and stop the hardline party politics or else?
Aisha Bloggers went viral asking Teddy to forego party politics and instead invite Sifuna for funds drive since they are tired to see Teddy’s “saddened” posts whenever a calamity strikes in Ganze.

Part C.
It rains for just 15min as the headteacher said but as she was trying to drain the classroom some bloggers came pupporting to work for an NGO and asked the pupils to get in a flooded class again since the donors “wazungu” will readily available to help if they see such a photo and she obliged.

Part D.
The bloggers were smart they made sure it trends as I said when it rains it pours Teddy was pulled left right and center.

Part E
Philanthropist Aisha arrives with ready made desks I don’t know where on earth a carpenter can do that but it happens.

Part F
Sifuna should reply with a 5 story block administration block for that school as portrayed out there.

Through a long post, Ganze area Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire expressed his grievances to the people of Ganze and how he is feeling embarrassed by the previous administration. This was his post..

So, apparently, Teddy was well manipulated at his own soil then a quick remedy was restored. Do you believe in this?

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