Willis Raburu Finds New Love. Moves in 3 months after losing baby Adana.

This year has been an agonizing year for the 10 over 10’s big wig if we are to sum it up this early. It will be remembered, Raburu and then, wife, Marya Prude lost their daughter Adana in a complicated incident. Since then, the couple has been quite a mute.

Events took place in a span of 3 months, only to find out the two, Raburu and wife Marya moved out of the marriage, that was united 2 years ago in an exclusive ceremony attended by only invitees and close members of the two families.

There separating has dawn after the wild Raburu found new love and the wife couldn’t handle the heat anymore, so she had to walk out of the kitchen. They parted ways and Willis moved into the brand new love.

Marya Prude has since left social life and moved on leaving the two love birds enjoy what awaits them.

Willis and Marya

At Sunset Kenya, we cordially wish both families all the best in life.

We understand its hard times as the deadly Covid-19 is down here with us. Sanitize, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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