After being feared broke after the split of the duo Kelele Takatifu, Didi Man explains what made the great Kelele Takatifu part ways.

The desire and move to work on different projects propelled the duo to have their ways out of the major group. Moji shortbaba had a desire to do MC work and Didi Man was more in Children Home. Thereafter, both have experienced a good ride in solo projects.

After the split, Moji shortbaba exploded like he never left only to leave a vacuum that was once filled by Didi Man. The later was feared to have gone bankrupt and flew to Europe to find some life for himself who later on came back to continue with his musical carrier.

During his interview with Dr. Ofweneke at the TNL, Didi man was asked who the best secular musician is and guess what, the answer was WILLY PAUL. Yes you heard me right, Willy Paul.

Kelele Takatifu Didi man with Dr. Ofweneke

Does this mean, Pozze has deserted the gospel genre? Will he ever regret his move? According to a Tanzanian Blog, Willy Paul has been ranked second famous Kenyan Artist in Tanzania. Riding high with his Hallelujah hit song, Willy Paul will now grace the CHOMA NA NGOMA event that is planned to take place at KICC this end month, All the best.

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