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16 bodaboda riders arrested over sexual assault of woman in Nairobi yesterday

Sixteen boda boda riders have been arrested in Nairobi after a female motorist was attacked on Wangari Maathai Road.
Nairobi Traffic Commandant Joshua Omukata confirmed the arrest, saying the 16 suspects are being held at Parklands Police Station as investigations into the event continue. Mr. Omukata went on to say that five motorcycles had been seized in connection with the incident that caused such a stir.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. on Friday, March 4, according to the traffic commandant. The woman was traveling from Limuru side when she hit a pedestrian, forcing boda boda riders to accost her, according to the Nairobi traffic manager. The woman can be heard screaming as the guys undress her and others urge her to be removed from the car on the footage showing the incident. She was, however, rescued by police officers who were nearby when the incident occurred.
“Our police went to the scene to help this driver. They took her into the backseat of our car, where one of our cops drove her away “Mr. Omukata stated. The victim suffered leg fractures, according to the Nairobi traffic commandant, and is being treated at Kiambu Level 4 Hospital. He cautioned boda boda riders that if they continued to engage in such barbarous behavior, they would face severe consequences. “Riders of boda bodas must be courteous. They must be civilized in some way… Those who are adamant that we will deal with them, “Mr. Omukata stated. On Monday afternoon, the video sparked outrage on social media, with many urging for the boda boda industry to be regulated to prevent such events.

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