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8 Ways To Satisfy Your Woman In Bed

Satisfying your woman in bed should be your goal as a man. Many women suffer relationship setbacks just because their men have no time with them. Some proper handling and treatment to the woman offers the relationship some good time to grow and glow. There is a saying that says, a happy woman is a happy home. Let’s make our women happy.

Here are the 8 ways to make our women happy, please follow and share with your colleagues to be able to save yours and their relationships.

1. Connect With Her Emotionally Outside The Bedroom.

Treat her nice outside the bedroom. Take her out on a date. Make her feel like a queen. Make her feel loved and wanted. Compliment her body.

2. Turn Her On Before The Bedroom.

Remind her about the last time you had sex. Send her a nasty text during the day. Give her something to look forward to.

3. Kiss Her

Kiss her passionately and intensely. Kiss her lips, kiss her neck, kiss her boobs, kiss her stomach, kiss her thighs, kiss her butt, kiss her clit, kiss the shafts of her V. Kiss every part of her body.

4. Whisper Sweet Things In Her Ears.

Pull her close and talk dirty to her her. Tell her she looks sexy. Tell her all the nasty things you would love to do to her.

5. Tease Her

Be unpredictable and adventurous. Bite her nipples through her clothes, suck her toes, lick her armpit, play with her boobs, push her panties to the side and finger her.

6. Spend More Time On Foreplay

Explore her body, from her ears to her neck, and all of the way down. Take your time with her body. Spend at least 20 minutes. Let her beg for you to put it in.

7. Pay More Attention To Her Clitoris

Make her cum first. Spend time pleasuring her clitoris for more than 5 minutes. Lick it, suck it, rub it.

8. Be More Dominant In Bed

Grab her ass, pull her hair, softly choke her, spank her, pin her to the wall, bend her over, change positions.


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