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Nairobi Principal Magistrate Under Fire for Biased Custody Ruling


Nairobi Principal Magistrate Under Fire for Biased Custody Ruling


Nairobi Principal Magistrate Jackie Kibosia is under scrutiny following her ruling in a protracted child upkeep tussle between Zena Nzibo and an Italian identified in court documents as FB.


The ruling, which has been perceived as skewed, allows Zena Nzibo to travel with the minors to Washington DC, where she has secured employment, without the consent of the father.

Nzibo, who is a Development Partnerships Officer with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) had requested full custody of the minors and requested that FB be denied access as she was the parent meeting most of the needs of the minors and had secured a job offer in the United States.


What has raised eyebrows is that Nzibo, the daughter of once-powerful former Head of Civil Service Sally Kosgei in the Moi’s government and Yusuf Nzibo a long-serving diplomat in the same regime.


The flower farm Zena Roses located in Gatanga Constituency and co-owned by Sally Kosgei and Peter Kenneth is named after her.


Reports say she is not fully employed at the World Food Programme and may not be in a position to educate and take care of the minors who are now out of school.


There are also concerns that Sally Kosgei may be threatening her estranged son-in-law.


Before the ruling, Principal Magistrate Jackie Kibosia allegedly met with Zena Nzibo two weeks earlier at the prestigious Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi. Membership to this club is reserved for Kenya’s elite especially those who looted and plundered the country since the colonial-era to date.


Zena booked The Green Room at Muthaiga Country Club for July 12, 2022, at 14:00 hrs, with Hon Jackie Kibosia, using card number 6133 to enter.


Redempta Weko, car registration number KDA 610E, arrived at the same time at 15:33hrs with Kibosia.


One Mr. Cornelius Litunda was also present and his card was used to enter the premises. His car registration number was KBT 560Y.


Speculation is rife that money exchanged hands before the contentious ruling made on July 25, 2022.

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