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Painful Memory! Juja police commander who was shot with an arrow during illicit brew raid demands to put a piece of the arrow for future memory


Juja Police Station Commander John Misoi who sustained injuries after being shot with an arrow during an operation against illicit brew and narcotics has conveyed his desire to keep a part of the arrowhead that was removed from his knee.

The incident took place on the night of April 1, 2024, in Gachororo Village, Kiambu County, while Mr. Misoi was leading a raid on a den.

Mr. Misoi was on patrol outside the den while his colleagues were inside conducting a search when he was targeted with an arrow from the shadows.

The arrow penetrated three centimeters into his right knee, damaging veins and breaking a bone.

He was rushed to Avenue Hospital in Thika Town, where he underwent surgery to remove the arrowhead.

The doctors’ report from Avenue Hospital showed the severity of the injury.

However, despite the pain and trauma of the ordeal, Mr. Misoi wishes to keep the arrowhead as evidence at home.

“It is prudent to keep evidence of these tribulations for me at home, to serve as motivation for my children, showing them how their father dedicated himself to maintaining the country’s security for their benefit and future generations,” he told members of the media.

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