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The Eastleigh Shooter who made away with more than Kshs. 3M is Dead


The guy involved in the Eastleigh shooting is dead. Hide my identity. I have his pictures while he was alive. Anaitwa Baba Shania but goes by the nickname “Frik.” He is from Huruma Kiamaiko. I hear that he was boasting about that Eastleigh incident and he was in Mombasa on Sunday.

Lakini amepatikana mortuary wakiwa wawili wameuawa kinyama. Hana macho moja, and the legs are burnt. But sasa sijui mbona authorities hawajaongea.


I guess wame recover some part of the money wakajiwekea.

Yeye ndio alishoot uyo jamaa Eastleigh.

Context of the Eastleigh Shooting

The 26-year-old man who was shot and seriously injured during a robbery in Eastleigh is still fighting for his life in hospital.


The incident occurred on Saturday, March 30, at 11 am along Muratina Street in Eastleigh and the assailants made off with $30,000 (Ksh.3,969,726).


The victim, identified as Adan Ali Mohamed, was riding a motorcycle when he was targeted by a gang riding on another motorcycle.


The armed assailant, riding a pillion, overtook Adan’s motorcycle, then stopped and approached him, demanding the bag containing the cash.


When Adan hesitated, he was shot at close range in the neck, sustaining a serious spinal injury.


Witnesses reported that the gunman swiftly grabbed the bag of cash before fleeing the scene on his waiting motorcycle.


Adan had intended to deposit the money at a bank in BBS Mall but found it closed upon arrival.

Unaware that he was being followed, he opted to take a bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) home.

The stolen cash represented two days of oil product sales handled by Adan’s employer in the area.

Adan was rushed to Health Gate Hospital, where he is still fighting for his life.

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