Home News Is Joe Biden Loosing To Donald Trump?

Is Joe Biden Loosing To Donald Trump?


TikTok Ban Will Lead Biden to Electoral Disaster – Bloomberg

The bill signed by the US President to ban the application in the country if the Chinese company does not sell its share will scare away young voters from Biden and lure them to Trump’s side, the publication writes.


TikTok said the bill to ban the app violates the free speech rights of 170 million American users.

They also emphasized that the application does not collect user data for subsequent transfer to the Chinese authorities, as US representatives have repeatedly stated.

Trump maintains his lead over Biden in the election race, according to CNN’s own poll data.


According to the results, 49% of registered voters support Trump, unchanged from the January poll. Biden’s support dropped from 45% to 43%.


More than half of Americans (55%) consider Trump’s presidency a success, while 44% consider it a failure.

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