Home News Linturi is to be grilled by DCI on Fertilizer Scandal.

Linturi is to be grilled by DCI on Fertilizer Scandal.


Linturi is to be grilled by DCI on Fertilizer Scandal.


Kenyans’ attention was gripped by the fertilizer scandal that unfolded in 2021, with allegations of substandard fertilizer being distributed to farmers under a government subsidy program. At the center of the controversy was Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi, who was summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for questioning.

Linturi, along with several other Ministry of Agriculture officials, faced scrutiny over the alleged procurement irregularities that led to the distribution of the ineffective fertilizer. The DCI’s Economic and Commercial Crimes Unit (ECCU) played a central role in investigating the scandal, grilling Linturi and other relevant individuals.

Linturi maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, stating that his role within the Ministry pertained to policy formulation and not procurement. He was accompanied by his advisors and legal team during his questioning.

The fertilizer scandal also triggered parliamentary action. An impeachment motion was filed against Linturi, but a select committee formed to investigate the allegations ultimately ruled in his favor, citing insufficient evidence to convict him.

Public discourse surrounding the scandal centered on concerns about transparency and accountability within the Ministry of Agriculture. The incident highlighted the importance of robust oversight mechanisms to ensure that government initiatives benefit the people they are intended to serve.

The DCI’s investigation into the fertilizer scandal remains ongoing. While Linturi was cleared by the parliamentary committee, the DCI’s findings and recommendations are yet to be made public.

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