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Muguka Ban Draws President William Ruto Attention. Meru and Embu Governors set to meet the President


Nairobi, Kenya: In a significant turn of events, the Kenyan government has issued a comprehensive statement following a high-level meeting between President William Ruto and the governors of Meru County concerning the controversial ban on mūgūka.


In a meeting that brought together key stakeholders at State House, Nairobi, President William Ruto addressed the legislative and economic implications of the recent ban on mūgūka. The meeting was attended by Embu County Governor Cecily Mbarire, her deputy, the county senator, women representative, members of the National Assembly, and all Members of the County Assembly.

Agriculture and Livestock Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi provided clarity on the legal status of mūgūka, stating, “With mūgūka having been recognised by national legislation, any other laws or order that contradicts national legislation is null and void.” He referred to the Crops Act 2013 and the Miraa Regulations 2023, which legally recognise mūgūka as a scheduled crop.


President Ruto reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting the miraa/mūgūka industry, announcing a financial pledge of Sh500 million for the 2024/25 Financial Year. This move is aimed at bolstering the industry and addressing the concerns raised by the ban.


One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the decision to develop a Miraa/Mūgūka Standard Code of Practice. This code will ensure that all aspects of the crop’s lifecycle adhere to best practices, including farming, licensing, promotion, regulation, transportation, aggregation, selling, marketing, and advertising.


To operationalise the Miraa/Mūgūka Regulations 2023, the establishment of the Miraa/Mūgūka Pricing Committee is underway. The Council of Governors has already nominated three members to the committee, marking a step forward in the regulatory process.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has been directed to convene a consultative forum to address stakeholders’ concerns and implement the Miraa/Mūgūka Regulations 2023 effectively. This forum will serve as a platform for dialogue and resolution of issues pertaining to the industry.


The government’s statement and the outcomes of the meeting with Meru governors have provided a clear path forward for the mūgūka industry. With legal backing and financial support, the industry is set to navigate through the challenges posed by the ban and emerge stronger.

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