Home News We won’t ban Mugukaa, Governor Achani notes.

We won’t ban Mugukaa, Governor Achani notes.


We won’t ban Mugukaa, Governor Achani notes.


Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has declared that the county will not be imposing a ban on muguka, a stimulant plant that has been the subject of debate due to its psychoactive properties and potential health risks.

Achani’s statement comes amidst calls for a ban on muguka in some parts of Kenya. The stimulant, derived from the Catha edulis plant, is a source of controversy due to its varying classification and economic impact.

While miraa, the young shoots and stems of the same plant, is a legal cash crop in Kenya, muguka, specifically the leaves, has faced bans in certain counties due to concerns about its health effects and potential for addiction.


Achani’s stance highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the regulation of muguka in Kenya. Some counties have expressed concerns about the negative impacts of muguka use, while others acknowledge its economic importance.

The Kenyan government has also weighed in on the issue, with the National Council Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) classifying both muguka and miraa as psychoactive substances. However, some argue that muguka’s higher concentration of cathinone, a stimulant alkaloid, justifies a stricter classification.

Despite the controversy, muguka continues to be consumed in Kenya, with users citing its social and economic importance. Achani’s decision reflects the complex considerations surrounding the regulation of this plant.

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