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Sakaja in war with Gachagua over Nairobi Gubernatorial Seat. “I won the seat. I was elected,” Says Sakaja


Sakaja Defends Election Victory Amid Claims


Nairobi, Kenya – Johnson Sakaja, the current Governor of Nairobi, has firmly defended his election victory, stating that he was rightfully elected by the people and not given the position by any individual or group. In a recent public address, Sakaja responded to claims questioning the legitimacy of his win.


“No one has the right to say I was given this seat. I was elected,” Sakaja stated emphatically. His remarks come in response to ongoing allegations from various quarters suggesting that his governorship was secured through political maneuvering rather than the will of the voters.


Sakaja, who has been in office since the last general election, emphasized the democratic process that led to his election. “The people of Nairobi exercised their democratic right and chose me to lead them. I respect that choice and am committed to serving them to the best of my ability,” he added.


The governor’s comments highlight the continuing political tensions in Nairobi, where accusations of electoral fraud and manipulation have become a common refrain. Despite these challenges, Sakaja remains steadfast in his assertion that his victory was legitimate and deserved.


Political analysts have noted that Sakaja’s strong stance is aimed at reinforcing his legitimacy and quelling any doubts about his leadership. “Governor Sakaja is taking a firm position to assure his constituents and stakeholders that he is the rightful leader of Nairobi,” said political analyst John Mwangi.


Sakaja’s administration has faced various challenges, including improving city infrastructure and addressing social issues. Nonetheless, he maintains that his administration’s efforts are in line with the mandate given to him by the electorate. “We are working tirelessly to fulfill our promises and deliver tangible results for the people of Nairobi,” he said.


As the political landscape in Nairobi continues to evolve, Sakaja’s declaration serves as a clear message to his critics: his leadership is a product of democratic choice, not political favoritism. His commitment to his role and to the people of Nairobi remains unwavering amidst the controversies.

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