Home News The honeymoon is over; Rigathi Gachagua in search of new party.

The honeymoon is over; Rigathi Gachagua in search of new party.


The honeymoon is over; Rigathi Gachagua in search of new party.


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is reportedly exploring the formation of a new political outfit, signaling a significant shift in his political strategy. Amid growing tensions within the Kenya Kwanza alliance, Gachagua is seeking to consolidate his influence in the Mt. Kenya region. This move comes as he attempts to navigate internal party disputes and align himself more closely with the interests of his regional base.


In a recent public address in Embu, Gachagua reiterated his commitment to the “One Man One Shilling” revenue allocation formula, which he argues is crucial for ensuring fair distribution of resources based on population size. “In matters of revenue sharing, I am a believer, a proponent of one-man-one-vote-one-shilling. Resources are about the people. The more you are, the more taxes you pay. It goes without saying, the more taxes you pay, the more you should get,” he stated emphatically.


This stance has not been universally welcomed within the Kenya Kwanza coalition. Laikipia East MP Mwangi Kiunjuri criticized Gachagua’s proposal, suggesting it threatens the unity of the government. Kiunjuri remarked, “If you don’t want to defend it, you reject it in Parliament so that the government is seen as one government. We can’t have one government which is split into two. It must be one government led by one leader, President William Ruto”.

Despite these internal conflicts, Gachagua’s allies have rallied behind him. Mathira MP Eric Wamumbi dismissed the critics, comparing them to “small he-goats making noise while their parents are busy looking for food.” He emphasized that Gachagua’s relationship with President Ruto remains strong and functional.


Political analysts suggest that Gachagua’s potential new political outfit is an attempt to solidify his base in Mt. Kenya, especially given the region’s historical significance in Kenyan politics. His efforts to engage with grassroots leaders and former adversaries are seen as steps towards fostering a more inclusive and unified political front.


Furthermore, Gachagua’s focus on the Mt. Kenya region underscores his broader political ambitions. By positioning himself as a key advocate for the region’s interests, he aims to enhance his political capital and influence within the national framework. This strategic maneuvering highlights his desire to ensure that Mt. Kenya remains a pivotal player in the national political arena.


As the political landscape evolves, Gachagua’s actions will be closely watched. His ability to navigate the complexities of coalition politics while advocating for regional interests could redefine his political trajectory and impact the broader dynamics of Kenyan politics.

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