Home News Witch hunt? KRA Officials Raid Governor Nassir’s Radio Station Over Tax Allegations

Witch hunt? KRA Officials Raid Governor Nassir’s Radio Station Over Tax Allegations


KRA Officials Raid Governor Nassir’s Radio Station Over Tax Allegations


Mombasa, Kenya – Officials from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) conducted a raid on Radio Rahma FM, a station owned by Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir, over allegations of tax non-compliance. The operation took place early Wednesday, drawing significant attention from the public and media.


The KRA officials were acting on information suggesting that the station had not been fully compliant with its tax obligations. “We are here to ensure that all businesses, regardless of their ownership, comply with tax laws. No entity is above the law,” stated a KRA spokesperson at the scene.


The raid at Radio Rahma FM, a popular local station known for its community-focused programming, involved a thorough inspection of financial records and operations. “This action is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance tax compliance across the country,” the spokesperson added.


Governor Abdulswamad Nassir, who was not present during the raid, responded swiftly to the allegations. “I have always advocated for transparency and accountability, both in public office and private business. We will fully cooperate with KRA to resolve any outstanding issues,” Nassir said in a statement.


The governor emphasized that the station had been diligent in its tax matters and expressed confidence that the issues would be resolved promptly. “Radio Rahma FM has always operated with integrity, and we believe that this matter will be clarified soon,” he said.


The raid has sparked varied reactions from the public and political figures. Some have viewed it as a necessary measure to ensure tax compliance, while others see it as potentially politically motivated. Political analyst Jane Wanjiru commented, “Given the high-profile nature of the station’s ownership, this raid could have significant political ramifications.”


As the investigation continues, KRA officials have assured the public that their actions are purely focused on enforcing tax laws and not influenced by any political considerations. “Our mandate is to ensure tax compliance across all sectors and to safeguard the integrity of the revenue collection process,” the KRA spokesperson reiterated.


The outcome of the investigation at Radio Rahma FM will be closely watched, not only for its impact on the station but also for its broader implications on the enforcement of tax laws in Kenya. Governor Nassir’s cooperation with KRA will be crucial in swiftly resolving these allegations and restoring confidence in the station’s operations.

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