Home News Government Allocates Ksh 946 Million for Madaraka Day Preparations in Bungoma

Government Allocates Ksh 946 Million for Madaraka Day Preparations in Bungoma


Government Allocates Ksh 946 Million for Madaraka Day Preparations in Bungoma


The Kenyan government has allocated a significant Ksh 946 million for the preparations of this year’s Madaraka Day celebrations, which will be held in Bungoma County. The substantial investment underscores the importance of the national holiday, which commemorates Kenya’s attainment of internal self-rule from the British colonial administration on June 1, 1963.


Speaking during a press briefing, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki detailed the extensive preparations underway. “The government is committed to ensuring that this year’s Madaraka Day celebrations are memorable and reflective of our national pride. The allocated funds will cover various activities and infrastructure improvements to ensure a successful event,” said Kindiki.


The funds will be utilized for several key initiatives, including the renovation and upgrading of Bungoma’s main stadium, improving road networks, enhancing security measures, and organizing cultural events. The government aims to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Bungoma and the broader Western Kenya region during the celebrations.


“Bungoma has a unique cultural history that we intend to highlight during Madaraka Day. The investment in infrastructure and other logistical aspects will not only facilitate the celebrations but also leave a lasting legacy for the residents of Bungoma,” added Kindiki.


Local leaders have welcomed the government’s decision to host Madaraka Day in Bungoma, viewing it as an opportunity to boost the county’s profile and economy. Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are honored to host this year’s Madaraka Day. The preparations and the event itself will bring significant benefits to our county, from infrastructural developments to increased business for local entrepreneurs.”


Security agencies have also been mobilized to ensure a safe and peaceful celebration. Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome assured the public of their safety, stating, “We have deployed sufficient security personnel to maintain order and ensure that the celebrations proceed without any incidents. We encourage all Kenyans to participate and celebrate this important day.”


As the country gears up for the celebrations, the government has urged Kenyans to unite and reflect on the strides made since gaining self-rule. The theme for this year’s Madaraka Day is “Unity in Diversity,” highlighting the importance of national cohesion and the collective effort in nation-building.


The significant financial commitment to the preparations signifies the government’s dedication to honoring Madaraka Day, not just as a historical milestone, but as a continuing journey towards national development and unity. The celebrations in Bungoma are expected to be a grand affair, drawing participants from across the country and showcasing the progress and potential of the region.

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