Home News Supreme Court Nullifies Magarini MP Harrison Kombe’s 2022 Election Win

Supreme Court Nullifies Magarini MP Harrison Kombe’s 2022 Election Win


Supreme Court Nullifies Magarini MP Harrison Kombe’s 2022 Election Win


In a significant development, the Supreme Court of Kenya has nullified the 2022 election victory of Magarini Member of Parliament Harrison Kombe. The court has ordered a by-election, marking a critical turn in the political landscape of the coastal constituency. The decision comes after months of legal battles challenging the legitimacy of Kombe’s win.


In a ruling delivered on Thursday, the Supreme Court found substantial irregularities and illegalities in the election process that compromised the integrity of the results. “The court has considered all the evidence presented and finds that the electoral process in Magarini was not conducted in a manner consistent with the Constitution and electoral laws of Kenya,” stated Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The petition challenging Kombe’s election was filed by his closest competitor, Jackson Mbaya, who alleged widespread voter bribery, intimidation, and manipulation of results. The Supreme Court’s judgment upheld the findings of the High Court, which had earlier ruled in favor of Mbaya, but was later overturned by the Court of Appeal. This final ruling now stands as the definitive verdict on the matter.


In her ruling, Chief Justice Koome emphasized the need for electoral integrity and accountability. “Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and it is imperative that they are conducted transparently and fairly. Any deviation from this principle undermines public confidence in our democratic institutions,” she declared.


Harrison Kombe, who had served as MP for Magarini since 2022, expressed his disappointment but stated his respect for the court’s decision. “I am deeply saddened by the court’s ruling. However, I respect the judicial process and the rule of law. I will consult with my legal team and supporters to determine the next steps,” Kombe said.


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has been directed to organize a by-election within the stipulated 90 days. This by-election is expected to be fiercely contested, with various political players eyeing the Magarini seat. The IEBC has assured the public of a free, fair, and transparent process in the upcoming polls.


As the constituency prepares for another round of elections, the Supreme Court’s decision sends a strong message about the sanctity of the electoral process in Kenya. The ruling underscores the judiciary’s role in safeguarding democratic principles and ensuring that the will of the people is accurately reflected through the ballot box.

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