Home News Kwale Governor Announces Major Hike in Muguka Charges

Kwale Governor Announces Major Hike in Muguka Charges


Kwale Governor Announces Major Hike in Muguka Charges


Kwale, Kenya – In a significant move aimed at regulating the trade of Muguka, Governor Fatuma Achani has announced a substantial increase in charges for transporting the stimulant. Effective immediately, the fee for each lorry carrying Muguka into Kwale County will rise from Ksh10,000 to Ksh300,000. This decision is expected to have wide-reaching implications for the local economy and the Muguka trade.


Governor Achani, in her statement, emphasized the need for stricter controls on Muguka to address various social and economic issues linked to its trade. “We have observed a marked increase in the negative impacts associated with Muguka consumption and trade within our county,” she stated. “To mitigate these effects, we are raising the charges for lorries transporting Muguka to Ksh300,000.”


The Governor’s announcement has sparked a mix of reactions from different stakeholders. Many residents and local leaders have supported the move, citing concerns over the health and social consequences of Muguka use. “This measure is necessary to curb the rampant misuse of Muguka, which has been linked to a rise in school dropouts and health problems among our youth,” said Jane Mwikali, a community leader in Kwale.


However, traders and transporters of Muguka have expressed their discontent, arguing that the new charges are exorbitant and could cripple their businesses. “This sudden hike is unfair and unsustainable for us,” commented Ali Mohammed, a Muguka transporter. “We understand the need for regulation, but a 30-fold increase is excessive and will hurt many livelihoods.”


In her defense, Governor Achani explained that the increased revenue from the new charges would be used to fund community development projects and enhance public health initiatives. “The additional funds will be directed towards improving our healthcare system and providing better educational resources for our children,” she said. “We believe this is a step in the right direction for the overall well-being of our county.”


The decision to raise Muguka transport charges comes amidst broader efforts by the county government to tackle drug abuse and improve public safety. Law enforcement agencies have been instructed to enforce the new regulations strictly, ensuring compliance and preventing any illegal transport of the stimulant.


Governor Achani concluded her announcement with a call for cooperation from all sectors of the community. “We urge everyone to support this initiative for the greater good of Kwale County,” she said. “Together, we can create a healthier and more prosperous environment for all our residents.”

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