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Seven Bodies Exhumed from Shakahola Forest on First Day of Phase Five of Exhumation


Seven Bodies Exhumed from Shakahola Forest on First Day of Phase Five of Exhumation


Shakahola Forest, Kenya – The ongoing investigation into the tragic events at Shakahola Forest reached a grim milestone on Monday as seven more bodies were exhumed on the first day of Phase Five of the exhumation process. The operation, spearheaded by a team of forensic experts, marks a critical step in uncovering the full extent of the atrocities committed in the forest.


State pathologist Johansen Odour, who is overseeing the exhumation efforts, revealed the sobering details of the day’s work. “We have exhumed seven bodies today. This is just the beginning of Phase Five, where we have earmarked 50 graves for dig-up. Our priority is to ensure that each body is handled with the utmost care and respect,” Odour stated.


The discovery of these graves comes after months of intensive investigation following reports of mass deaths linked to a controversial religious cult operating in the area. The Shakahola Forest has become a focal point of national and international attention, drawing condemnation and calls for justice for the victims.


Odour elaborated on the methodology being employed in the exhumation process, emphasizing the meticulous approach taken by the forensic team. “We are using ground-penetrating radar and other advanced techniques to locate and identify the graves. Each site is documented thoroughly before we begin the exhumation to preserve all potential evidence,” he explained.


Families of the victims have been anxiously awaiting news as the exhumation process progresses. Many have traveled from distant regions to be present, hoping to find closure after months of uncertainty. Local authorities have set up support services to assist these families, offering counseling and legal aid as they navigate this difficult period.


The authorities have also increased security around the Shakahola Forest to ensure the safety of the forensic team and the integrity of the investigation. Police presence has been bolstered to prevent any potential interference or disruption from individuals attempting to hinder the process.


As Phase Five of the exhumation continues, the nation watches closely, hoping for answers and justice. Odour concluded his briefing with a commitment to transparency and diligence: “We are committed to uncovering the truth and bringing closure to the families. Every step we take is towards ensuring that justice is served for the victims of this heinous act.”

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