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Kenya enlists evangelical pastors to guide Haiti mission


Kenya enlists evangelical pastors to guide Haiti mission


In a significant move, Kenya has enlisted evangelical pastors to guide its mission in Haiti, aiming to address the Caribbean nation’s escalating crisis. President William Ruto commissioned church leaders to engage with Haitian law enforcement, military representatives, and a gang leader, emphasizing the integration of spiritual and strategic efforts in the mission. The initiative comes as Kenya prepares to lead a UN-authorized international security mission to Haiti, which has been delayed due to legal and funding challenges.


In April, a three-day prayer meeting was held at the Weston Hotel in Nairobi, attended by Kenyan pastors, Haitian and American ministry leaders, and Kenya’s first lady, Rachel Ruto. This gathering focused on seeking divine guidance for the mission and included the formation of a prayer committee for Haiti. “We cannot allow our police to go to Haiti without prayer,” Rachel Ruto emphasized during the event.


The mission, which involves a 2,500-person multinational police force, aims to support Haitian law enforcement amid growing insurgencies by armed groups. The Ruto administration’s “faith diplomacy” office has coordinated several initiatives, including a national prayer gathering and a 40-day prayer guide for Haiti, to ensure spiritual support for the mission.


The pastors’ involvement highlights the Kenyan government’s strategy of combining spiritual support with diplomatic and security efforts. This approach underscores the administration’s belief in the power of prayer and religious guidance in addressing complex international crises.


This mission is part of a broader Kenyan effort to contribute to global peace and stability. However, the deployment has been met with scrutiny and skepticism, especially regarding its efficacy and the potential risks involved for Kenyan personnel. Nonetheless, the government’s commitment to a spiritual solution reflects its holistic approach to international peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.


The success of this mission remains to be seen, but it underscores the unique blend of faith and diplomacy that Kenya is employing in its international engagements. The evangelical pastors’ role in shaping the mission’s strategies could set a precedent for future peacekeeping efforts globally.


As Kenya moves forward with this mission, it continues to advocate for a balance between strategic intervention and spiritual guidance, aiming to bring peace and stability to Haiti while navigating the complexities of international politics and security challenges.

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