Home News UDA will find a hard task in Kilifi – Aisha Jumwa

UDA will find a hard task in Kilifi – Aisha Jumwa


UDA will find a hard task in Kilifi – Aisha Jumwa


Gender Cabinet Secretary Ms Aisha Jumwa has raised concern that Kilifi politicians allied to President William Ruto may have a hard time getting the support of the electorate, claiming that the region is being sidelined in terms of development. Write a 7-paragraph news article including what was said verbatim.


Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa has expressed concerns that politicians allied to President William Ruto may struggle to gain the support of the electorate in Kilifi County. Speaking during a recent event, Jumwa stated, “Kilifi is being sidelined in terms of development. The region is not getting the attention it deserves, and this is affecting the people’s perception of the government.”


Jumwa emphasized that the region’s politicians, particularly those affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), may face significant challenges in winning the hearts and minds of the electorate due to the perceived lack of development. “The people of Kilifi are not seeing the benefits of the government’s policies, and this is causing frustration and disillusionment,” she said.


The Gender Cabinet Secretary also highlighted the need for inclusive development, stating, “We need to ensure that all regions are treated equally and that no one is left behind. Kilifi is a vital part of our country, and its people deserve the same opportunities as others.”


Jumwa’s comments come amid growing concerns about the uneven distribution of development resources across the country. Many have criticized the government for prioritizing certain regions over others, leading to feelings of marginalization and resentment.


The Gender Cabinet Secretary’s remarks have sparked debate among political analysts, who are divided on the issue. Some argue that Jumwa’s concerns are valid and that the government must take steps to address the regional disparities. Others believe that the region’s politicians must work harder to engage with the electorate and demonstrate their commitment to development.


Regardless of the political implications, Jumwa’s comments underscore the need for a more inclusive and equitable approach to development. As the Gender Cabinet Secretary, she is well-positioned to advocate for the rights and interests of marginalized communities, including those in Kilifi County.


Ultimately, Jumwa’s concerns serve as a reminder that development is not just about economic growth but also about social justice and equality. By prioritizing the needs of all regions, the government can build a more united and prosperous nation.

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