Home GOSSIP A beggar in Thika town miraculously walks after police arrest.

A beggar in Thika town miraculously walks after police arrest.

People make a life amid Nairobi’s concrete jungle by whatever means necessary. After being caught by the police, a beggar in Thika mysteriously walked. This suggests that he was faking his disability to gain sympathy. Many well-wishers find themselves parting with money to most who are seen crawling or fake ailments in order to play on the sympathies of naive city dwellers, as the number of beggars in the city appears to be increasing.

A handful of beggars, on the other hand, are simply going about their daily lives and are fully functional human beings with all of their limbs intact. They are frequently stationed in practically every corner, where they will do everything possible to attract passers-attention. by’s A disabled woman who was a beggar in Thika town stunned many when she stood up and began walking when she was apprehended by police officials, according to a statement published by Kenyans.co.ke. No one else could have predicted this miracle.
It’s thought that the lady is pretending to be disabled so that people will feel sorry for her. It is unclear how long she has pretended to be dismantled in order to get her daily bread on the streets. The country’s economic status prevents all citizens from receiving the necessary earnings to make ends meet.
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