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A Man has 16 Wives and 151 Kids but Still Wants More


A  Zimbabwean man identified as Misheck Nyandoro who has sired 151 kids with 16 wives has surprised netizens after he expressed his desire to add more. According to Sunset Kenya sources, the man is no considering a family planning anytime soon. He is even planning on adding more wives to his tally claiming that polygamy is part of his wider plans he undertook since his early age in the 80s.

Misheck further explained that in his huge family, about fifty of his children are still studying, six are soldiers, two work as police officers while eleven are employed in different professional capacities. On the other hand, thirteen of the 151 have been married off and currently, two of the 16 wives are expectant. According to the old man, everything is working out really since most of his expenses are cartered by his children.

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Mershack says he eats 16 meals per time because each of his wives prepares some for him. He then sits at the centrally located place to enjoy his meal.

“Every wife cooks her best every day because the rule is I only eat what is delicious and throw away what is not tasty. They all abide by the rule and do not get annoyed when I return badly cooked food,” he stated.

After being asked how he fulfills his conjugal rights, Mershack said that he attends to four wives per night.

“I go to the targeted bedrooms one by one. That is my job. I am not employed. My duty is to satisfy my wives,” he said