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A Massive win for Ruto as Kilifi County Governor is set to ditch ODM for Tanga Tanga


The just-concluded Msambweni by-election has engulfed the Coastal political arena, confused as the regions’ political kingpins floored miserably.

Word doing the rounds is that the two ODM diehards, the Kilifi and Mombasa County Governors, have fallen adrift, and their bromance is slowly diminishing.


This crept in their midst after it was snitched that the Tanga Tanga brigades were having secret meetings with the County 003 boss, Amason Jefwa Kingi.

On the other hand, the departing of Kingi from his favorite political party (ODM) came right after the Hustler Nation Movement gained much popularity during the recently completed Msambweni By-election.

Even so, could this be the end of the ODM Party and Raila’s political ambitions?

The question sounds like music to the Tanga Tanga supporters as the position which was once an ODM territory overturned its stand against “Baba.”

Consequently,it will be joy and merry for Ruto and his allies to have Governor Kingi in their team. Furthermore, this can significantly be an indication of a slow death to the Orange Party’s popularity in the Coastal Region.

All the same, does this portray any truth of the Coastal people’s support for the BBI? We cannot tell yet, what do you think?

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