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A Matatu Conductor Beaten Like A Burukenge By Karate Girl


What started as a show of might ended in a humiliating embarrassment. A Matatu conductor by the name of Hamisi is nursing his wounds at home.

Two college going girls boarded a Matatu from Mtwapa to Kikambala. Halfway on their journey, the conductor stretched his hand towards them, asking for their fare. The two girls gave him sixty shillings, and that’s when the drama started. The conductor raised his voice at them, demanding that they add him forty shillings more. He told them that there was a hike in the fare. The girls wanted to hear none of it saying that they have been paying sixty shillings every day, and that was all that they had on them.

Tempers flared, and the conductor started harassing them by touching their boobs and demanding they add him more money or else he was going to take them to Kijipwa Police station. The girls urged him to take them to the police station but changed tuned when they realized they had reached their destination. The girls caused a scene in the Matatu prompting fellow passengers to instruct the driver to stop the Matatu.

As soon as the girls alighted, they pounced on the conductor, reigned punches, blows, and kicks on him. The other passengers watched in admiration as the girls trampled upon the conductor whom they left with one arm broken and bleeding from the mouth profusely.

After the job was well done, the two girls walked away majestically like a boss they were.

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