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A Scammer, Wearing Many Hats – Sunsetkenya

Illustration of man at a computer, pictured with a smart phone and credit cards illustrating the many methods scammers use to scam consumers

There are individuals out there whose everyday hustle involves impersonating, conning, and scamming naïve people. They either pass themselves as people with numerous connections to guys in authority or organizations. Either, they know how to get something/service at a massive discount or they know where to for source stuff from contacts that they are the only ones who are privy to. It’s an art they have mastered so well that they arm themselves with all the answers that might arise from the questions asked by there would-be victims.

Meet this fellow whose real name is Michael Ochieng but masquerades in social circles as Krysta 2shak. If he’s not selling subsidized data bundles, he sells electricity tokens. If he’s not selling YouTube views, he’s selling YouTube subscribers at a fee. If he’s not enticing people to join a promising advertising outfit, he’s on the lookout for gullible individuals who are desperate to secure jobs. Indeed this scammer without a doubt wears many hats.

His modus operandi is that he’s always on the constant lookout for the links of WhatsApp group chats invites being shared in the social media. He joins and waits for the opportune time to start sharing tempting posts to the group. Should a potential victim comment he or she is interested, he quickly comments back that they should go chat inbox to complete the deal. Meanwhile, this fellow also sends his group chat invite to the numerous groups that he might have joined.

In his WhatsApp group the cycle continues, the script is the same. He parades what he sells or the ventures one can join that can generate some side income. So should you comment let’s say that you are interested in buying the subsidized data bundle, he promptly quips that you go complete the deal inbox. And there is where all hell breaks loose. He’ll walk you through the different packages that he offers, and lets you choose the one that fits your pocket. He’ll even let you know how you are going to activate the “codes” that he will send you upon mpesa payment.
So when you reach agreeable terms, you innocently pay him via mpesa and copy-paste the receipt {mpesa transaction payment} to his wall, you sit back and wait for your codes to be sent. He confirms that you’ve actually sent him mpesa and he does send the “codes” similar to those on scratch cards. So you embark on loading your bargain codes heartily believing that in a cruel world such as ours there are still people out there that care. Woe unto you when you’ve tried several times to load your codes and each time a reply comes that the codes are nonexistent.

You hurriedly run back to him to alert him that there’s a problem with the codes he sent you, he remorsefully tells you to give him a minute to crosscheck where the problem could be and that he will get back at you. A sigh of relief engulfs coz you get the impression that you are dealing with a courteous customer care operator. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours then it dawns on you the smooth operator hasn’t gotten back at you. You decide to DM him to seek his assistance but you realize he no longer answers back. You are blocked. You decide to contact him through his WhatsApp group only to find that he has removed you there as well! Ah!!! You then relentlessly try to call him directly over the phone, he doesn’t pick, and should you continue, he blocks you there too.
By now you are seated somewhere at a corner feeling dejected. Perhaps teary, perhaps the heart is thumping too. Umecheswo my friend. You utter some harsh insults, you curse and swear that should you lay your hands on that son of a gun, he’ll regret why he was ever born, never mind fighting has never been your cup of tea.

You’ve become part of the statistic my friend. Your best bet by now just takes heart and hope that the authorities will eventually catch-up with that scammer one day. And that is if anyone bothers to lodge a complaint with the authorities. You have been forewarned, and always be on the lookout for the telltale signs. Remember to share the message you could help an innocent soul out there.

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