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A sexcapade turns into a death sentence in Mtwapa


This evening a Boda Boda rider who plies his trade in Kikambala recounted a sad incident that befell one of his customers. The popular rider was about to retire for the day when he received a call from one of his friends to pick a stranded girl outside his workplace. So the rider thought to himself why not make that extra buck!!!!!! He sped off to the said stage to pick the girl. On reaching there, he was awestruck by the gorgeous curvy beauty of the damsel.  The rider gathered himself and acquainted himself to the girl.

The girl seemed to be in a hurry to leave the damned place. So she hopped onto the bike and implored the rider to speed off. She told the rider to take her to Mtwapa as fast as possible as she had a really urgent matter to take care off.  Amidst all that was happening, she swooped out her phone to make a call to a friend; apparently, the friend was the one who had hooked her up with her “catch”. She was furious at her friend for not telling her upfront the kind of customer she was going to deal with.

The girl cursed, cried, rebuked, and screamed at her friend. She also made sure that her friend knows that she was utterly disappointed at her. Obviously, with all that commotion, the rider grew more inquisitive and felt the urge to ask his customer what had happened. That’s when the girl opened up to him and narrated the ordeal that had befallen her.

It turns out that she was a rookie call girl, that wanted to make a quick buck at the mention of a mzungu client. She was hooked up by her friend who had serviced the well-known serial womanizer mzungu the previous night. All her rage was that she was not told that the mzungu client totally abhors the use of protection during “sexcapades”.  Her innocent self had tried to plead with the mzungu to use a condom, but the guy vehemently refused to wear one. Even at one time, the guy pulled out a pistol and commanded the damsel to comply by his wayward wishes. The girl had no choice but to give in. They had raw sex and the guy cummed twice in her before chasing her away. The son of a gun showed no empathy on her as he threw what was to be her due for the services rendered on her way out.

The damsel cried on the riders back, lamenting loudly why she joined that cursed oldest profession. At one time she was heard by the Boda Boda rider saying that her only reason she turned to prostitution was because of lack of regular jobs yet she was expected to cater for her young siblings back home.

Meanwhile, they were rushing to Mtwapa to visit a medical facility so that she could get PrEP medication since she had been exposed to H.I.V in the line of duty.  The first dispensary they visited, insisted that she had to undergo some counselling before being given the medication. But the beauty could not hear any of it, claiming that she knows too well about sex education. She only wanted to be given the medication, and that counselling was just a waste of her precious time.

They dashed to yet another dispensary where they sought first aid help. Lady luck smiled at them as the medical officers took charge of her in a very swift way and calmed her down. Only then, did the Boda Boda rider depart for his humble abode after being paid his dues of course.

What an eventful evening it was.

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