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A Spectacular Name of A Guest House Lights Up Social Media


Netizens are a very cheeky lot. Out of curiosity, a lady posted a picture of a guest house signpost and asked her followers what crosses their minds each time they come across a strange name. The replies were as diverse and hilarious, just as was expected.

Some were contemplative; they posed a scenario that a man of the cloth cannot spend a night there simply because of the guest house’s name.  The cloth man would also run into trouble should the congregants demand a receipt from the guest house.

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Another quipped, should you be a respectable person in the society; for fear of repercussions being seen coming from the guest house in the morning, you would be hard-pressed to seek refuge in the guest house if you are either time-barred because of the ongoing curfew.

One was rather direct; he said the name of the guest house was self-explanatory. He told men, just as the name suggests, while there, they should hit the sack and do an excellent while at it.

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Of coz some people were of a contrary opinion, there was a particular lady who felt offended by the name of the guest house. She said it was in a way degrading womanhood.

Another man who felt slighted lamented at the glorification of what he described as a doomed generation’s social decadence.

Over to you dear reader, please give us your opinion of the name of the guest house.