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A wedding ceremony turned into a nightmare after the groom identified as Nucho Master disappeared weeks to his big day.

A young lady identified as Pesh has narrated the incident that led to the disappearance of her lover, a few weeks to their wedding. Pesh stated in an interview with Jalango TV that her lifelong love, Nucho Master, departed after he discovered she had spared his buddy who had accompanied her to choose a wedding gown.

With just a few weeks to their wedding, the couple were engrossed in their wedding plans when they bumped into a YouTuber identified as Man Stivo. Man Stivo is the creator of street santising, an online software that tries to conduct a loyalty test. Nucho Master and Pesh agreed to take part in the loyalty test show.
The lady said that they were given the opportunity to swap phones to see whether any of their partners were unfaithful. Pesh claims she didn’t locate any negative messages on her boyfriend’s phone. Nucho, on the other hand, was furious when he discovered she had saved his friend Marto’s wedding gown, according to Pesh.
“I didn’t anything on his phone but you can’t tell since it was a newly-acquired phone. But he got mad when he released I had saved his friend as wedding gown. There was nothing between me and the friend, I am so bad with names,” she explained.
After their disagreement on the street sanitizing program, Nucho vanished and Pesh is yet to hear of him. “I have not heard of him since then. He does not respond to my messages or call me,” she added.
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