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A woman passes on after delivering quadruplet in a 7 year-long wait – Sunsetkenya


Tears of joy were shortly wiped away by screams of grieve after a woman dies shortly after delivering 3 girls and a boy.

The woman had waited for her blessings 7 years praying to God to bless her just like other women in the world.

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God answers prayers. The woman welcomed her bundle of joy on Tuesday only to short-live her joy. She passed on while being attended by medics.

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Her sister broke the news siting God answers prayers and she said, “Words can’t describe how wonderful u are, a great listener, my fashionista, my gist partner, a shoulder to lean on in the time of worries, my confidant, a sister like no other, I never for once imagined using your pics for an obituary but God knows best. “God took you and gave us Quadruplet (3 girls and a boy) you will forever be remembered. I love you sis and I will always do, still, we meet and part no more. RIP Fadimu Feyishara Afusat Ajoke Ade Omo Adedotun.”

Long live to the quadruplet and may the soul rest in peace.

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