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AFRICA | South Africa Hits a New High as it Reports a Fast-Spreading Corona Variant.

South Africa has surpassed the 1,000,000 marks since the first corona case back in March 2020. The mark was met barely a week after the government reported the 900,000 cases.

The ministry of health in South Africa has confirmed the new wave that is a faster-spreading variant.

The variant has caused the hospitals’ influx and a recalling of the medics who were still on holiday.

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The government has since introduced new and firm measures to curb the situation as the death tolls hit 26,735.

The rise of numbers has called private and public institutions to hold hands towards fighting the deadly wave.

Amongst those who jumped into action are Mediclinics International, a private medical institution, and in a statement, said,

“The numbers of patients seeking care within our hospitals has exceeded previous numbers during the first peak and the majority of our ICU and High Care units are operating at capacity,”

The variant was reported by studies made by scientists, who have worked day and night to be able to curb its spread ever since the first case in the country.

With the rise of the cases, many countries have canceled flights to South Africa, affecting the economy.

South Africa has reported the most cases of COVID-19 in Africa, followed by Morocco and Egypt.

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